2013 in less than 15 minutes

It feels great to be back and blogging! I won't lie to you, these past few weeks I have been particularly lazy. My days consisted of eating anything I could find and watching The Vampire Diaries (my latest addiction!) In about 3 weeks, I have watched 4 seasons of it, but shhh don't tell my parents!

I hope you guys had a funner new year's eve than I did, mine consisting of drinking orange spice tea with my mum and eating mangoes with coconut yogurt whilst doing nothing... did someone say fun? Don't hesitate to tell me about your amazing evening (lol!)
After encountering several problems with this video, I finally managed to get it up and running on YouTube, so I hope you guys like it and I have more post coming soon -I promise!-
#so-much-love from Maylis


  1. Omg Maylis this is so cute! I just came back from Japan, and I just realized how hot this country is... I cracked up laughing when you were like: "err.. this hydrates my lips.. Hydrates? Is that the word? OH moisturizing" hahha xD Also, did you get tanned? Or is it just the light? I miss you so much, we definitely have to catch up or go shopping or SOMETHING before we end up doing our dramatic long-time-no-see-meeting (obviously with romantic, slow orchestra music in the background) at harp camp! xx mwa from your BFF
    P.S. You're going to love what I got for you from Japan! <33

    1. Momooooo it's been SO long, omg i've missed you so so much! How was Japan? And yes, I got a tan, we went to Straddie for a week and then to Noosa for 3 days so yeah!!
      I can't wait to see you at harp camp or before (hopefully!)
      Love you so so so much,
      Maylis <3

    2. Are you free anytime before camp? Perhaps we can go shopping! Or anything else, if you have any ideas! :) We can go by just two of us or with someone, I don't mind! <3 xx