Falling Back to Earth

Last Friday my mum, 3 of my brothers and I decided to go and see Cai Guo-Qiang's exhibition: Falling Back to Earth at Goma (one of Brisbane's art galleries). It was an amazing exhibition that I recommend to everyone who lives in the Brisbane area (for more info and pictures go check out my Instagram: 1littlefrenchie).

Right now i'm in a hyper-excited state as I just found out that the next episode of Pretty Little Liars came out a couple of days ago! For the ones that don't yet watch PLL, I totally recommend it! When I watched the first episode, I thought it was a horror show and so I turned it off. But after several recommendations I decided to give it another shot and I LOVED it so go and watch it now, it's the best thing ever (along with The Vampire Diaries!)

Any good shows you guys would recommend?? 
xx Maylis

PS. How do you guys like my Medieval-looking dress? I bought it on sale at Country Road and it's become my new favourite!
Dress: Country Road; Shoes: Windsor Smith; Bag: vintage.

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