Super Good Betty Crocker Cookie Mix

About 2 months ago I decided it was time to make cookies! But, lazy as I am, I took the easy option and bought an already prepared Cookie Mix. That cookie mix has been sitting in our pantry for the past 2 months, and so I took the opportunity of making those cookies on my 'stay-at-home' morning.

Just before going back to school for my Chinese lesson (we were watching a movie that I did NOT want to miss: Mao's Last Dancer) , I threw an egg and some butter in the cookies mix and standing before were some beautiful cookies! Unfortunately I has to wait until I came home from my Chinese lesson (at school!) to start digging into them!
I shall leave you fellas' drooling over some cookies!

PS. I'm going to Stradbroke Island next week, so hopefully i'll be blogging more often after next week!
Love you guys xx


  1. Yum! Isabella xo

    1. Haha, they taste even better than they look! xx

  2. NOM! For desserts, I love and milkbubbletea (the blog). I'll be making some gooey nutella bars so check it out (looks delicious btw! :D)

  3. now I want to bake cookies.

  4. i want cookies now, haha ;)

  5. Ugh these look so delish! *insert heart eyes emoji* Going to have to go bake now, haha.

    xo, Isabelle