Sixties Revisited

Can you see something different? I don't have braces anymore!! I took them off exactly 3 weeks ago, and it feels amazing to have them off! The only things is that I have to wear a retainer day and night, but that's only for three months!

As we were driving to the California Design exhibition, we came across a little retro garage sale. A lady that previously owned a retro store was selling some (retro) clothes, so off course we had to stop!
So, as you can probably guess, this is the story behind my spotty red dress!
When I saw this blue Combi van parked in our street, I just couldn't miss an opportunity of doing an all-retro photo-shoot!

If you live in Australia, you are probably wondering why it's 9:15am and I'm not at school... Well, I couldn't be bothered to walk down the street to go to school at 8:30am, so I figured I would do something productive, like update my blog so you peeps don't think I have disappeared from the surface of the earth.
Don't worry, I will have to go in half an hour because I have got one last assignment I need to hand in...
School is calling, so see you soon peeps! #muchlove Maylis

PS. Thank you to my super cute sister for taking those pictures; she's in the last picture!

Dress: vintage; Belt: vintage; Shoes: bought in Paris; Lipstick: Almost Famous from the 'Pout about it!' collection of Sportsgirl.


  1. look absolutely beautiful! 70's scene perfect :)
    check my blog if you want too:)
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  2. Isn't it so exciting getting your braces off?! When I got mine off in July, I was so happy I literally jumped out of the dentist chair and hugged my orthodontist haha. Your smile looks absolutely beautiful! And this outfit is darling <3

    So good to find another Queensland blogger!
    xx Maria

    1. Haha, i nearly hugged my orthodontist too, i was so happy! And it's great to know some other QLD bloggers, i feel less alone haha! <3

  3. Your teeth look stunning! I remember how excited I was getting mine off in eight grade. Just remember to wear your retainers! <3 I love love your espadrilles by the way!

    xo, Isabelle

    1. Thank you so much Isabelle! And ahhh, retainers are so annoying, but it's worth it! <3