My (very) Interesting Life

   Hey girlies! I know, it's been a couple of days since i've posted something but you can't imagine how much work i have to do... Between my harp practice/ lessons, soccer, debating, acting classes, homework and blogging i don't even know where to start! Someone help me pleeeeease!

Enough of me sinking into depression; i just wanted to post something a bit different so i'm going to do a little 'overview' of what i did last week. Don't worry, i haven't forgotten the pictures and here they are!
Hopefully you don't have a busy week (unlike me) but if you have, well i can only wish you good luck and be strong: next week will be here soon! :)

PS. I've decided to be generous: today's your lucky day, in the pictures i've actually included a Blueberry Muffin recipe, you HAVE to try it it is the best-thing-ever (ever!)

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