Arty Print & Random Pretty Flowers

Here i am and back with a more casual outfit! My grandma designed (and made) this cute 'arty top' - as i like to call it. I bought this little coral/ salmon skirt in Paris (yes! i bought nearly all my stuff in Paris; be jealous!) and i use to wear it a lot back in France but now it just seems like i don't have anything to match it with apart from this perfect 'arty top'! Oh, what would i do without you arty top? The answer is: nothing (well... nearly!)

Enough talking, i'm sure you're all extremely excited about seeing some pics'! And, any impressions on the new banner? 
See you all very soon, have a nice week-end! Love Maylis xx


  1. Wow! I'm so jealous! (of the clothes you get from paris)I really like that skirt... it suits you so much! is that your garden in the background?And i love, love, looooooove the top so much!!!!!<3

  2. Hahaha thanks! No, it's not my garden it's just a cute location i found while walking!!