Vintage Sunday

After a nice Sunday breakfast -well, not exactly, i have it nearly everyday- i was ready to face today, the day before Monday...
When i woke up, i felt like wearing vintage so i had a quick look in my closet and found exactly what i wanted! This cute little dress + a casual and comfy jumper + some French shoes + a REAL vintage bag from back then (!!!) = the perfect outfit! 

If you knew me, you'd know i'm very passionate about bags, especially vintage ones... When i was in France this Christmas, my grandma gave me this little black bag and apparently (wait for it...) it's a bag from back then!! Now, this bag has become my best-friend and it never leaves me!

Now, about the location... This abandoned house (i call it) has always caught my eye and i thought it would be fun and different to shoot there! It has a little vintage feel to it, i find, and that's where the outfit comes in! :)
Have a nice week girlies!


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