Moderising Vintage

You're not going to believe this but i actually wore this dress to my auntie's wedding! Originally, I was going to wear a short navy dress but at the last moment i decided to get funky and wear something a bit different... and that's what i found in this dress! It's got a vintage side but has this little twist to it that makes it uncommon. Here, i matched it with a black satchel which is real vintage: it was my mum's; and some flashy blue flats.

Luckily this morning wasn't so chilly otherwise i would have been quite sad because i wouldn't have been able to show you guys my fav dress before winter... but that didn't happen so everything's alright!
Oh, and don't forget to take one minute to pray for our Anzacs if you're an aussie!

Looking forward to what you think about today's outfit! Love you all!

Xoxo Maylis


  1. beau!! The dress suits you very well! Where did you get the dress and the shoes? And if you would wear a necklace with that kind of bright dress, what kind of design would you choose?
    Thank you so much for your useful fashion advice/pics and i really, really hope to see more of these!!
    P.S. you're also a model.:) <3
    From your #1 fan<33

    1. Awww, this is SO sweet, thank you! I bought this dress in Paddington (A suburd near Brisbane) and i wouldn't wear any necklace/ bracelets with it as it already has this floral design on it and it would just be too crowded but it really depends how the dress is!^^
      P.S. I'm desperate to know who this is and thank you so much again!