Before The Storm // Birthday

Sorry for disappearing from the surface of this earth blog for so long, I was too busy hibernating -this is    100% true- Australian winters are really harsh as you can tell from these pictures!

Apart from hibernating aka watching Revenge (you should all watch it - coolest show ever!) I just turned 15 on Wednesday!! Ikr, eighteen is gettin' closer! After over-stuffing myself with cinnamon donuts (mum kept me away from them for too long) and receiving a fedora from ma gurl Yancey, I can finally enter the second-half of my 2nd decade -I just did some maths homework...-

You're probably all thinking wtf (w = why) did I receive a fedora? Long story short it's a personal joke which happened during a history class (the things we do in history...) You'll be seeing a lot of it on the blog, don't you worry! :)

Gotta get back to my busy life -lol jokes, I don't have a life apart from this...
Love you all so much YY
Jumper: Bardot; Bikini: Cotton On; Bag: Typo.

Poppin' Blue

Sorry for being gone so long from the blogging world, blame it on my French blood! There's something with French people and time...
These photos were shot (by the lovely Scarlett from in between some intense room cleaning and a maths assignment which I seriously need to be starting!

I don't usually wear brown-y colours, on the other hand: caramel + stripes = awesome combo for a t-shirt! That's a pretty damn good equation, what do you think my maths teacher would say about it?
Paired with a cobalt blue mini pencil skirt aka THE trend of the season, it gives a nice autumn-y look -yes, seasons do exist in Australia!-
Hope y'all have a nice week-end and lest we forget about our ANZAC soldiers! Y

Ok, I seriously need to leave you guys; a maths assignment awaits!
Love you all, xo Maylis

Shirt: borrowed from Scarlett; Skirt: Portmans; Shoes: Windsor Smith; Handmade Bracelet; Nail Polish: MUD (from Woolworth). 

Grunge Touch

Since i've got my head in a suitcase right now, I am going to keep this short and sweet!
I am going to the beach tomorrow -that's right people, get jealous- until next Thursday, and I'll probably have no wifi over there (tragic, I know!)

So, I thought that if I had to post something on the blog, it better be beautiful! My new Topshop purchase aka these red lace up boots which I find fabu (quoting Larissa from The Carrie Diaries) are exactly what this blog -and you guys- absolutely needed to see!!
Sorry to leave you so soon my dear friends but packing awaits...
Love you all xo Maylis

PS. Who's seen Divergent? I saw it on Thursday and omg, I LOVED it! Feel free to give your opinion on the movie/ book in the comments, i'd love to find a Divergent buddy :)
  And how do y'all like the new Title??

Top: Zara; Jeans: Urban Outfitters; Bag: thrifted; Boots: Topshop

Nearly Gypsy

The holidays are finally here, and I can finally relax! Everything's was going really smoothly until I got a message on my Starnow account from a casting director saying I didn't get the part in a short film (don't worry, i'll eventually get over it... maybe!) which was being shot in Brisbane. For those who have no clue what i'm talking about, well, I want to become an actress! There, I said it!
So I figured the first step to it was to sign up to a casting/ talent website, so I signed up to Starnow and have been applying for roles since January...

I keep hoping that Steven Spielberg is going to walk down my street and 'spot' me, but let's get real: that is NEVER going to happen... :'(
Until that day, I just have to be patient hehe!

How are y'all liking my top? I bought it in Paris and I still can't get over how pretty it is, let's hope I never grow out of it -I seriously doubt that-!
                                                       Love you all, Maylis xo

Skirt: Portmans; Shoes: Lipstick Shoes; Bracelets: Lovisa. 


No, I did not just disappear from the surface of the Earth... I've just been particularly lazy for the past ummm 3 weeks?!
Apart from having an epiphany: discovering the meaning of btw (by the way), and having started watching Heart of Dixie, nothing major has happened in downtown Brisbane (what a surprise!)

This skirt is becoming an obsession! To prove my point i'm even going to go as far as say that if there was a fire, I would probably save this skirt from my closet... actually that's a lie, I would save everything!
And again I've failed to prove a point; guess who's going to fail her persuasive oral...

On that note I shall leave you guys admiring the 8th wonder of the world: this skirt! (have I convinced you yet?)
#friendly-love, Maylis xo

PS. These pictures were taken from our cubby-house! 

Top: H&M; Skirt: Brisbane's wonderful suitcase rummage; Shoes: Lipstick Shoes (jellies)