Before The Storm // Birthday

Sorry for disappearing from the surface of this earth blog for so long, I was too busy hibernating -this is    100% true- Australian winters are really harsh as you can tell from these pictures!

Apart from hibernating aka watching Revenge (you should all watch it - coolest show ever!) I just turned 15 on Wednesday!! Ikr, eighteen is gettin' closer! After over-stuffing myself with cinnamon donuts (mum kept me away from them for too long) and receiving a fedora from ma gurl Yancey, I can finally enter the second-half of my 2nd decade -I just did some maths homework...-

You're probably all thinking wtf (w = why) did I receive a fedora? Long story short it's a personal joke which happened during a history class (the things we do in history...) You'll be seeing a lot of it on the blog, don't you worry! :)

Gotta get back to my busy life -lol jokes, I don't have a life apart from this...
Love you all so much YY
Jumper: Bardot; Bikini: Cotton On; Bag: Typo.


  1. You look so stunning and gorgeous honey. Love it! ♥

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please, let me know on my blog so I can follow you back. Thank you!


  2. You look great!

    Xx Monique