Poppin' Blue

Sorry for being gone so long from the blogging world, blame it on my French blood! There's something with French people and time...
These photos were shot (by the lovely Scarlett from missscarlettwritesablog.blogspot.com.au) in between some intense room cleaning and a maths assignment which I seriously need to be starting!

I don't usually wear brown-y colours, on the other hand: caramel + stripes = awesome combo for a t-shirt! That's a pretty damn good equation, what do you think my maths teacher would say about it?
Paired with a cobalt blue mini pencil skirt aka THE trend of the season, it gives a nice autumn-y look -yes, seasons do exist in Australia!-
Hope y'all have a nice week-end and lest we forget about our ANZAC soldiers! Y

Ok, I seriously need to leave you guys; a maths assignment awaits!
Love you all, xo Maylis

Shirt: borrowed from Scarlett; Skirt: Portmans; Shoes: Windsor Smith; Handmade Bracelet; Nail Polish: MUD (from Woolworth).