Pink Snake Print

Nowadays a week without blogging feels like an eternity! With the end of harp camp last Sunday and the start of school on Tuesday, I couldn't be bothered to unload the 3 looks we (Momo and I) shot whilst we were on harp camp. I know, that's probably the most pathetic excuse you will ever hear...
But finally the sight of my camera after a week of sitting on my bed watching Awkward (school was juts too much!) made me feel like should be doing something more productive with my life...

This pink 'snake-print' skirt -as I like to call it- is one of the few retro pieces I own -and as you all know I am in the middle of a retro phase right now- I had to shoot it! Even though I did not wear it on harp camp (apart for taking pictures) it was so worth the space it took in my suitcase! 

Taking about suitcases, I off to a suitcase rummage tomorrow, so I hope know i'm going to come back with some adorable and unique pieces, so stay tuned!!
Love ya all, 
Maylis xx
Top: Valleygirl; Skirt: vintage; Shoes: Windsor Smith; Lipstick: "Mad About You" (colour) from Sportsgirl.


  1. I really liked the shoes! Super elegant and beautiful.

  2. That skirt is so unique and versatile! You could definitely dress it up or down. I love the location of these photos by the way! Hope your suitcase endeavor went well, haha. :)

    xo, Isabelle

    1. Thanks Isabelle! And haha, the suitcase rummage was amazing!! xox

  3. So cute!! Hehe I wonder who took those photos, can you please give me her/his contact so I can get a shoot from them? thanks May xx