My Camping Experience ...

Warning: if you plan on going camping and having a good time, than you should probably not read this...

So, i'm going to try to make this a nice little short and sharp paragraph because otherwise you geeks are going to want to bury yourself in your back yards (or in a forest if you live in an apartment). As you can understand, camping has changed me a lot! And don't be discouraged by the amount of words, it's all very dramatically funny... lol!

I'm going to start with the semi-positives... We went camping for 3 nights, which means we had only 2 days of walking up and down dusty tracks, sweating horribly and looking at the same old palm trees. The other good thing was, my grandma had organised really good food, which also means that my bikini bod wishes have been completely crushed... 

Onto the negatives! As some of you may know my French grand-parents are visiting from France and my Australian grand-parents were the ones who organised this camping trip. So my family and both of my grand-parents (French + Australian) all went on this adventure. 
I do not know how my Australian grand-parents found this camping spot because it is literally in the middle of freaking nowhere! It was 10 hrs by car from Brisbane, and we 'split' the trip by stopping 6 hrs along the way to sleep at a  motel in Roma. In conclusion we spent 4 days in the car and only 2 days walking in the bush... 
On the first walk we did, we saw the Amphitheater -a sort of cave with some light coming from the top (some stupid humans must have thought Romans built it...)- and Ward's Canyon -which is a canyon with giant prehistoric ferns in it. On the second day, we went to the Rock Pool, a lake with a big rock on the side, that is quite deep and scared the heel out of me when I swam in it. I have to say, I am so scared of not knowing what's under me when I swim, and earlier we saw a water snake going down the river, so that didn't really contribute to me desperately wanting  to swim in that rock pool...

In conclusion, we did 10 hrs of car to see a couple a prehistoric ferns (are you f****** kiding me??) and swim in a snake infested rock pool -we only saw one actually, and it was so good to swim in it!-
Apart from that, I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone... Apart if you're a prehistoric fern guru and you like dust...!

PS. Video Diary coming soon!! xx

Have a nice week-end peeps! 


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  2. V impressive
    Did u take all these pics?