No, this blog has not been abandoned... I have just had a really hard time balancing everything in my life for the past week. But don't worry, a bad news always comes with a good news! 
So, this week-end, me and my french grand-parents are going to Sydney!! I can't even contain my excitement right now, so if you've got some excitement-containing tips, then i'll take 'em!

Also, our school is doing the Oklahoma musical next year. And I am definitely auditioning for the role of Laurey (the heroine)! The auditions are in roughtly 3 weeks, and I better get to work because we need to do a 'Southern American accent', which is going to be pretty tricky for me... 
Any whom, go and follow me on Tumblr and ask me some stuff! 
#friendlylove from Maylis

Crop Top: Supre; Swimming Suit: Cotton On Body; Necklace: Dish; Sandals: Windsor Smith. 


  1. You look so great Maylis!!
    I hope you had fun in Sydney!

  2. You look adorable
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