The Bandana Return

I can finally relax after nearly 10 long weeks of intense work. This Sunday, I am off camping with my family and both of my grand-parents (my French grand-parents and my Aussie ones!). Ok, I won't lie to you, it's not like I am jumping up and down, camping isn't exactly nearly as exciting as Fashion Week, unfortunately... But, who knows? I might come back with some decent blogging material! Yeah, that's my main motivation right now: taking amazing photos of the (apparently) amazing scenery of Canarven Gorge (the camping site). On top of that, an 8 hour drive is required... speaking of glamours holidays...

Last week-end end got pretty warm in Brisbane so I had to get out my shorts, but still left my fave long sleeve t-shirt -an essential-. To cheer this boring outfit up, I grabbed one of my old bandanas from my sister's room and my eternal "Tropeziennes" sandals that I bought in Paris :'(  Oh, and how do you like my new sunnies, I feel so 1950's wearing them, and I love it!
And thanks again to my gorgeous best friend for these amazing pics! Check out her Tumblr, it's awesome!
#muchlove, Maylis

My best gal pal!

T-shirt: Cotton On; Shorts: Valley Girl; Shoes: Les Tropeziennes.