Sadie Cupcakes

First of all  I would like to thank Sandrine from iamsandrine for sending me this upper cute t-shirt! I usually never win Giveaways, but apparently fashion blogging has brought me luck...!
Right now, whilst you are comfortably lying in your bed possibly eating chocolate, i'm out camping in the middle of nowhere eating Weet-Bix... And you're probably asking yourself how I posted this post? Well, I don't know if I'm supposed to say it or not but i've scheduled this post, so hopefully it has actually published itself...

As I am taking a Multimedia class at school this semester, my teacher let me borrow when of the school's SLR cameras. I've been wanting one for so long, but I wanted to try one out and exactly know what I wanted. And I absolutely love it, it's so much better and clearer; so get ready to see amazing pictures when I come back from the middle of the desert, or should I say, if  I come back...
Lots of love from the desert xx

T-shirt: American Apparel; Skirt: Portmans; Shoes: Lipstick Shoes (can be found at Windsor Smith); Bracelets: Diva; Bag: vintage. 


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  2. that skirt is awesome! love the color!

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  4. so lovely :)