A Cleopatra Feeling

My gorgeous friend Momo, invited a couple of her close friends for a birthday sleepover on Saturday night. As soon as I knew I could come, the first thing I put in my bag was my camera! The funny thing is, two of my friends -Momo and Sasha- have a blog and whenever we are together you can be sure we're all taking pics for our blogs...

A couple of days ago I rediscovered one of the fundamental basics: a white t-shirt. I had been afraid of wearing one as I always thought it looked plain; but now it's become my best friend! The beautiful thing is, you can accessorize it however you want and that's when my gorgeous Cleopatra necklace came in... Little message for you peeps, never forget your basic: a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, some black boots and a stylish coat and bag! Simple is the base. 

My life's been a little crazy at the moment because of schoolwork, it's the middle of Week 8 and all the assessment is weighting a lot more than I thought. My solution: eat crappy lollies and blog some stuff! 

Also I was thinking of creating a Tumblr for the blog, what do you think about it? 
#crazylove from Maylis

T-shirt: Country Road; Shorts: Minkpink (Princess Polly); Shoes: Novo. 


  1. Love the necklace!
    Michelle xo - @shelleymagpie

  2. Oh I just love that statement necklace. It's so vivid! I actually just bought my first white shirt since middle school, haha. Love how you styled yours :)

    fashion and tea

  3. That's so cute that you have friends who also blog, you're like a little blogging buddies clique. Cute necklace! Blogging + sweets are the perfect break from studies :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  4. Wow, that necklace is absolutely beautiful! It goes with your simple outfit perfectly.

  5. Gorgeous necklace and agree with you on a white T being a necessity for your wardrobe, so many ways you can style it

    Indulgera Blog

  6. Hei. I have tagged you for the Leibster Award. I would love you would answer the questions =D

    xx Anreea

  7. Such lovely eyes! Love the simplicity of the outfit that's accentuated with the necklace! Jewelry always completes an outfit and makes a bold statment!!