City Girls

Me and my friends took the opportunity of an "Ekka" public holiday to go and do some intense shopping in the City! I was planning to do a really cool photo-shoot in a more 'urban' scene but, yeah, it didn't really end up happening... Don't worry I still managed to get my friends to take some decent pictures! 
One of my friends -Izzy- is pressuring me into posting some pictures of her... She thinks she is going to 'get' famous, ahhh some people! Don't judge her, she is a really smart person, and when I say that, I mean... she gets all the Academic Awards! And if you're wondering, she's in the last picture, on the left of the stairs!

Moving from that i'd just thought I would share with you some pictures of me and my friends at Starbucks. I've got a confession to make: I'm kind of obsessed with Starbucks... When i'm holding a Starbucks cup, I always think that i'm a fashion journalist working in New York, I guess some people are just weird...!
Love, love and more love, xx Maylis

 Top: Country Road; Pants: Zara; Necklace: Lovisa; Coat: Promode; Clutch and shoes are vintage!


  1. looove the necklace!


  2. Aww these are lovely photos! My friends also always beg to be on my funny! I totally agree with the Starbucks cup, fashion journalist feeling. :)

    xo, Isabelle

  3. Love your necklace! Pretty girls!
    You just got nominated for Liebster award!!!

  4. You naughty girls, disobeying signs on stairs :):):)
    We will have to go to Starbucks together one day (I've never been)and we can take some of those urban city fashion shoot pictures you missed out on taking

    1. Haha don't tell on us, pleeease...! And i wish you would have come with us! <33

  5. Cute outfits, I really like your blog!
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    Becca xo