James St

Don't worry, this was just a temporary break from blogging as I forgot to mention to you that I had my Year 9 school Camp on last week!  We went north of Brisbane to a quasi-deserted place where it was hard not die.  The nights were absolutely freezing; I was wearing at least four layers and a beanie and scarf, i mean, seriously I thought this was Australia!  But in the day it got pretty hot as we were bike riding and hiking up and down steep muddy hills.  I wouldn't say fun is the best describing word...  Luckily, I had my friends and we had a lot of fun around the camp fire!  

Today we went to James St (Brisbane) to look at some coffee machines, and I managed to get my dad and my mum to take a couple of pictures...  In the morning my mum and I went op-shopping and I found this incredible denim skirt!  I had a babysitting on that night and lucky me, I got to eat with the kids I was babysitting.  The lovely mum had prepared a chocolate cake and some custard for desert and I didn't go easy on them...  So hear I am with my gorgeous vintage skirt and an enormous amount of chocolate cake in my stomach and not breathing because the tiny waist of the skirt is just too tight...  
Moral of the story: I cannot put on 1cm of stomach, otherwise I am done with my baby skirt (sad face). 
Love to you all!

PS. News on the Giveaway coming soon!


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    1. Thank you Nala that's so nice of you! I'll go and check out yours right now! <3

  2. so pretty, i love that skirt! your blog is great, btw! <3

  3. Loving this skirt

    x karen

  4. You are so, so beautiful! Those colours look so beautiful against your skin tone.
    xo Maria

  5. you look so gorgeous!
    Emma xx

  6. You look stunning! Love that skirt :) x


  7. Lovely outfit! I like your skirt!:)

    xo Réka