No, I did not just disappear from the surface of the Earth... I've just been particularly lazy for the past ummm 3 weeks?!
Apart from having an epiphany: discovering the meaning of btw (by the way), and having started watching Heart of Dixie, nothing major has happened in downtown Brisbane (what a surprise!)

This skirt is becoming an obsession! To prove my point i'm even going to go as far as say that if there was a fire, I would probably save this skirt from my closet... actually that's a lie, I would save everything!
And again I've failed to prove a point; guess who's going to fail her persuasive oral...

On that note I shall leave you guys admiring the 8th wonder of the world: this skirt! (have I convinced you yet?)
#friendly-love, Maylis xo

PS. These pictures were taken from our cubby-house! 

Top: H&M; Skirt: Brisbane's wonderful suitcase rummage; Shoes: Lipstick Shoes (jellies)


  1. So adorable!!<3 You have a cubby house? Omg!!!!!!!! xx

  2. Such a cute summery look! Your club house looks so fun- I've always wanted one. :D

    xo, Isabelle

    1. Thank you lovely gal! And I hope your wish of having a cubby-house will come true someday haha!