The Exciting Mt Tamborine

Sorry peeps for that long absence; I have been very busy preparing my room for my exchange student and trying to do a bit of homework before the start of school next Tuesday...  As I was telling you in my last post, we (my family and I) went to Mt Tamborine last Friday. If you're wondering, Mt Tamborine is very similar to Mt Everest in height and temperature (French humor)! On that note i nearly lost a toe on my right foot, but as much as a would have liked my sister didn't fall into a crevasse... Who knew Mt Tamborine was a dangerous place?

Ok, being serious now... Going anywhere for more than 3h is always a big expedition -I've got five siblings-. The trip to Mt T was very restful, just a couple of 'friendly fights' and casual complaints for about... the whole trip! But apart from that everything's went incredibly well. 

A couple of bush-walks later, my parents decided to drive around for more bush-walks (the other ones were apparently "not long enough") Whilst we were driving around I saw this nice bush of pink flowers (it's in the pictures below) and I thought that we better stop so I can take a picture of it. We stopped, I crossed the road, took the picture, and as I was about to take an other one, a small dog started barking at me in a really aggressive manner... I tried to ignore him but he became more and more aggressive and he wanted to jump on me; I got scared and ran back to the car screaming like mad. When i turned to close the car door I saw a car stopped in the middle of the road... My parents were screaming and telling me that i nearly got ran-over (by a car obviously) but i was just scared that the dog was going to bite me or something... Anyways, all that for one pretty decent picture, ohhh flowers can cause a lot of trouble. 

Anyway here's some pictures, and hopefully you can now picture what Mt Everest looks like... haha my jokes are just too funny to be understood... And look out for a Giveaway coming really soon!! 
 xx Maylis


  1. j'aime beaucoup tes photos, et surtout tes lunettes de soleil, ça change et c'est vraiment sympa comme look!

    Bisous, à très vite

  2. Hi babe, thanx for dropping by our blog! This looks like such a fun trip! Love to go hiking again! Keep in touch!

    Fang Ting

  3. Amazing outfit! So pretty:)

  4. Wow those are some amazing pictures
    I really want to go to Mt Tamborine now (even with the aggressive dog)!!! It looks so beautiful!!

    1. Hahaha you're too funny my beautiful Sasha (with an s!)!!

  5. You look so cute in green! And I'm loving those sunglasses - just the perfect pop of color!


  6. I love this! The yellow glasses are so fun and your outfit is so perfect for the outdoors. Looks like you had a blast! xx

  7. Buenos dias preciosa¡¡¡
    este look es perfecto¡¡
    te gustaria que nos siguieramos?
    te invito a pasar por mi blog espero que te guste

  8. Lovely