Purple Print

This shall has been sitting in my closet for a couple of months and i didn't know how to style it! This morning, i woke up feeling inspirational and just pulled out the shall, my fav' jean and i navy blue long sleeved shirt (underneath). It turned out to be a great match and, to be honest, i'm pretty proud of myself!
When i saw that it wasn't raining, i quickly ran down the street to take those pictures. Don't get me wrong, i didn't take those pictures myself obviously but my brother took them. I'm really proud of him as it was his first time taking my pictures and it didn't turn out to be a disaster, what a miracle! 
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I better leave you, peeps, as i am sure you are all burning to look at the pictures!  xxx   

 photo DSC05990_zps107115b8.jpg 
 photo DSC06001_zps91c5caec.jpg
 photo DSC06004_zps9c7af72c.jpg
 photo DSC05972_zps2bfdcb7c.jpg
 photo DSC05985_zps3207e022.jpg
 photo DSC05962_zps6a34c0b1.jpg


  1. Super :)

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  2. Très jolies photos, la luminosité est superbe !

    1. Merci Marina, ca fait toujours plaisir d'entendre ca! xx