Stripy Frankie

I was feeling casual today so i decided to just take it easy and wear something less extravagant!
For the past two years, i have been unconsciously buying many, many stripy things and here i am now with loads of stripy stuff... As you can probably see, it has gotten cooler over here and i felt like wearing a little scarf was a good idea, especially as i catch colds very easily!
And also, one of my friends has lent me a Frankie magazine and i have been reading it and carrying it around all week-end... so it's naturally in the pictures! ^-^"
Have a nice week girlies, oh and i nearly forgot, i'm 14 on Tuesday, yayyyyyyy (just reminding myself)!!


  1. Love Frankie mag and stripes! <3

    Greta xo

  2. Thanks Greta!! I just checked out your blog and i love it, it's great!
    Maylis <3